An Interview Sparks a Beginning

This morning I had an interview with a company to possibly award me with a bursary for my studies. An interesting time it was indeed.

Firstly, my mom works at this company, so a word was passed on to me that should try and apply for it. To my surprise, an interview was set up. While that was a good sign that this could go in my favour, it put some things into perspective for me.

Going into the actual interview, I had to have some idea as to what I want to do when I complete my undergraduate degree: do I want to go into an Honours and a diploma later on, or maybe branch out to something within the Communications field while still speaking and reporting cricket. I had stuck to the first decision.

As the interview carried on, I could not stop thinking about how I could actually make and build a name for myself as a cricket journalist. Do I still even want to only focus on reporting cricket stories, or do I also want to go into a sports photography career. A lot is still swimming through my mind even as I write this blog post.

All in all, something that definitely came from that interview is that I know for sure I didn’t get the bursary, but I did get some sound advice: start now while you can and have the time; whether it’s free or not. Build a portfolio. The internship and desired job at SA Cricket Magazine will come depending on how hard I work now.

Here’s to the first blog post on here that could be a beginning of an awesome career for me.

I do hope for the best however.


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