Who is Corker Yorker?

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This is me. Welcome.

First things first: I’m a young female from South Africa. These are articles on quite a lot of things cricket. I talk about South African cricket, and occasionally other countries on their cricket missions. Opinions and match reports are posted. I’m quite humorous, but I swear I can be serious, too.

Join me on this journey of talking about a really amazing sport in our country and all around the world. Let us unravel that corridor of uncertainty together. I do hope you enjoy this blog page.

Estimated article lengths you can expect in the different categories:

  • Short Opinions: 500-650 words.
  • Match Opinions: 600 and more.
  • Miscellaneous: literally limitless because I’ll probably only have three posts in this category.
  • Lengthy Opinions: 700-800 words.
  • Issues Abroad: 700 and more.

I know: every category ends with the word “opinion”.

If you’re gonna be a troll, go back under the bridge – I don’t want to roast you on your unnecessary actions. However, constructive criticism and comments are all welcome.

Go ahead and share the articles with people you think might enjoy them. Feel free to like my articles and follow me.

You can find me on Twitter: @YorkerCorker_ Find my dear friend The Popping Crease on Twitter (@PoppingCreaseSA) and on her YouTube channel for more in-depth videos of her cricket opinions and news.


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